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High School Student

11th Grader
Pacific High School

I wouldn’t have gotten through 11th grade without my mentor’s help and guidance.

Cute Girl in Classroom

Parent of 2nd Grade
Saturday Attendance Recovery Program

My daughter loved going to Saturday School.  She said it was fun and gave us no problems going to the program each Saturday.


San Bernardino Unified School District

Administrators and staff from Valdez responded to our questions and needs immediately.  Because they are local to Southern California, they were accessible and responsive.  Working with their company was easy.



Classroom Lecture
Teacher and Pupil

 Parent of 3rd Grader
Saturday Attendance Recovery Program

I loved the individual attention my son received from the weekly home visits after attending Saturday school.

In the Classroom

 Foster Parent of 7th Grader 
Foster Youth Tutoring program

The tutor who worked with my child was knowledgeable and patient.  She made a huge difference and my child’s grades went up.

Teaching in Classroom

Rialto Unified School District Intervention program

Staff from Valdez Educational Services really cared about our students.  They went out of their way to make after-school tutoring educational and enjoyable.


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