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Foster Youth Tutoring

Valdez Educational Services has gained substantial knowledge working with K-12, at-risk youth.  Because of this experience, we understand the unique academic needs of the foster youth student population and the individual challenges they face. 


The overall goal of Valdez Educational Services is to provide high-quality educational services and support to improve each student’s academic achievement and help them reach their full potential – both academically and personally. 

Our Foster Youth Tutoring program is focused, intensive and targeted to individual student needs.  Each student is placed with an appropriate tutor, depending on the subject and grade level of the material with which they need assistance.

The Foster Youth Tutoring program:

1. The tutor will begin by reviewing the first assignment with the student and assess the student’s knowledge of the assignment; they will complete the first question or task together, and others as necessary, until a student can complete problems independently.


2.  If a student comes to the tutoring session with no assignments or upcoming projects, tutors are prepared with supplemental materials to review and reinforce necessary skill gaps identified through the student’s assessment results and individual areas of need. 


3.  Should the tutor notice the student does not have a sufficient understanding of the basic skills needed to complete the task, they will utilize supplemental material to help build the student’s understanding of the concepts.


4.  Before leaving the session, the tutor will review with the student what they completed during the session.

All instructional materials target Common Core Standards and progress monitoring takes place via periodic quizzes, exams and tutor/classroom instructor feedback.  Final progress is measured via a post test.  This information is reported to administrators, teachers and parents.

Teacher Assisting a Student

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