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With over 15 years of expertise working with students and educators, Valdez Educational Services is proud to offer high-quality educational Student Support Services to Special Education students.  Our program is tailored to match their unique needs, interests, and abilities.  We collaborate with administrators, teachers, and parents to ensure each child has the guidance, tools, and space they need to achieve success in the classroom.

Program target

After School

K - 12th grade mild to moderate Special Education students

Children in Science Class

3 hours of support services per student each week

Valdez Educational Services Program Highlights

  1. Individual tutoring provided to students via face-to-face, distance learning, or hybrid model.

  2. Establishment of a direct line of communication with classroom teachers, administrators, and parents.

  3. Program schedule flexibility – available 7 days a week, before and after school

  4. Program transparency via Weekly Communication Monitoring Log

  5. Attendance at IEP meetings


Building a relationship with all stakeholders is part of a vital blueprint for the successful implementation of the program:

  • Collaboration with administrators and teachers allow for focused instruction that targets students’ specific needs​​

  • Phone calls are made directly to parents to provide them with specific information regarding the program

  • Program monitoring is conducted on a regular basis to ensure student progress and stakeholder satisfaction 


Special Education Student Support Services are flexible and can be designed and implemented to meet the specific needs of school districts and schools.  The program can be used to support the scope and sequence of instruction that is taking place in the classroom. 

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