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There are many reasons students today are struggling: 


They lack basic skills needed to work on the current curriculum, tasks, and concepts.


They lack effective learning and study habits.


They have a mindset that they cannot do the  lessons or just aren’t smart enough.

Valdez Educational Services offers several solutions to address these concerns:


Face-to-Face Tutoring

Remote Learning

Online Tutoring

Tablet Learning

Blended Model

(Face-to-Face and Online Tutoring)

Our Intervention program focuses on foundational skill building and state testing preparation, and is available for K-12.  Services are provided in an individual or group setting. 


Tutoring is available for all subjects.  Tutoring takes place at school sites, in-home and at public libraries or any offsite locations conducive to learning.  To ensure student success, monitoring visits are conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction.  If needed, adjustments to materials and teaching styles are made to maximize learning gains. 


All staff have a minimum of 60 college credits and are proficient in the area they are teaching (Math and/or English Language Arts) as well as the language of the student (English or Spanish).  They are all required to pass an FBI and DOJ background check and attend mandatory tutor training before being placed with students.

Before students begin the program, a pre-test in Reading and/or Mathematics is administered.  Individual skill gaps are identified and intervention will be prescribed according to the student’s strengths and weaknesses; it will identify the skills the student is deficient in at grade level.  This ensures that instruction will be focused, intensive, and targeted to individual student needs.

  • Each student is placed with an appropriate tutor depending on the subject and grade level of the material for which they need assistance. 

  • Tutors will have instructional materials that target Common Core Standards. 

  • Progress monitoring takes place via periodic quizzes, exams, and tutor/classroom instructor feedback. 

  • Final progress is measured via a post test.  This information is reported to administrators, teachers, and parents.


Online Tutoring is conducted via the i-Ready program.  i-Ready is a nationally recognized online tutoring program that targets Common Core Standards.  Our staff is well-experienced utilizing this program with students.  It allows students to focus their time working on specific deficiencies and areas of need.

Our Intervention program is flexible and can be designed and implemented to meet the specific needs of school districts and schools.  The program can be used to support the scope and sequence of instruction that is taking place in the classroom.  This is accomplished by establishing a clear line of communication with teachers and administrators.

Online Education

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